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Welcome to our website! It has been designed to give you the opportunity to discover the many reasons why KIPS Nursery experience is unlike any other.

KIPS respects diversity. We believe each child is a unique being with unique needs, and we strive to be open and sensitive to this ideal. We believe that our method of observation and guidance creates a comfortable learning environment, where the beginnings of school and practical life activities can be encouraged in a peaceful way.

We encourage our students to engage in child-centered activities in order to achieve a high level of learning, self-confidence and self-esteem. We provide our children a secure and rich environment in which they can explore and manipulate the universe, and fulfill their fullest potential.

Always a Wonderful Day at KIPS!

At KIPS, you will love the dynamic schedules we have for the children. Every day, they discover and explore the world through Science; learn about and recognise numbers and their formation through Mathematics; explore places they have never been before through reading stories and imaginative plays; learn phonics, numbers, shapes, and colours through the facilitation of our professional carers; develop creativity through Arts and Crafts; show their talents through singing and dancing at the Music Class while playing different musical instruments; stay fit and healthy as they move their bodies during Gymnastics; immerse themselves in learning different languages like English, French, and Arabic, and above all, find themselves socialising and making friends.


KIPS is running with the underlying philosophy to only offer the best and to accept no compromises. It is the guiding principle behind all we do. We provide our services from only one facility due to our firm belief that there is no substitute for direct, personal daily “hands on” interactions with the families we serve.

Although we offer an English program, we expose our children to French and Arabic language to promote their language development. We are here to help them grow and with your help we have no doubt that this goal is easily attainable.