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October Theme: Community Helpers!

In October, we have set our theme to focus on the Community, how we can make the world a better place and how we can help and be kind to others. 

We are having so much fun so far, as we approach to the end of the month. On 29th. October, we will be throwing a Community party as our last Fun Day for this month. We will be welcoming all our children with their special costumes as a community helper. Doctors, nurses, drivers, divers, firefighters, garbage man, librarians, and many more.

Every month, we are sharing a newsletter for our #EYFS curriculum, what we will do during the month and our focal points. You can find out about our monthly newsletters from our calendar page.

Together again, we are so happy to open our doors to our lovely children! We are making sure their safety comes first at Kidz International Pre-school. We have implemented our rules we have set for Covid-19, and we are making sure that all children are safe at all times, making it as safe as possible on our end. Children really do need a lot of socialising in their early years. Here in Qatar, our children have spent more than enough time indoors because of the hot weather and the pandemic. They deserve the best education and spending some time with friends and adults, other than the family. To interact, see new behaviours and, maybe, even face some conflicts. All these will help them grow healthier and learn from life the best way possible.


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We can't wait to meet our children again!

As per the ministry's regulations, we will be back on track starting from August 2020. We can't wait to have our kids back in the school, where they belong. We know we have good times ahead, and our school ensures you parents a safe environment, with lots of fun, play time and learning. 

This summer we have a great Summer Camp schedule. It will last for a month, and we will sure to make the best of it! Book your child's place now, because the children's number is minimized and limited as per the regulations.

Please take a look at some of the regulations that we take during these times of Covid 19 pandemic. We assure you that your child's safety is our first priority!