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Kidz International Pre-school

Kidz International Pre-School

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KIDZ International Preschool is located in AlGharafa, Qatar. 

We accept children from 2 months, up to 4 years.

We provide EYFS curriculum, 

Supported with Arabic Readiness Program.

This week will be all about Zumbini, Fitness and Yoga!


We will be creating a mindful school environment, focusing on ourselves, our bodies and how we can observe the peace and fun in our worlds! 

Here are some photos of our Fruits and Veggies Fun Day!


February 2021 Newsletter 

You can also see our timeline in detail for our fundays and events in our calendar page.

February 2021 is all about healthy lifestyle, adopting ourselves to live healthier, as we have learned a lot about this subject in the past year. This month we have our National Sports Day, so we thought it would be nice to combine all great things together and came up with the idea of Health is Wealth! 

We really appreciate you #kipsfamily for all your efforts on your children and we would like to congratulate each and everyone of you for being such sensitive, thoughtful and good parents! Our children are so lucky to have you by their side.

Check out our newsletter for February 2021 below! 

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Back on track!

Together again, we are so happy to open our doors to our lovely children! We are making sure their safety comes first at Kidz International Pre-school. We have implemented our rules we have set for Covid-19, and we are making sure that all children are safe at all times, making it as safe as possible on our end. Children really do need a lot of socialising in their early years. Here in Qatar, our children have spent more than enough time indoors because of the hot weather and the pandemic. They deserve the best education and spending some time with friends and adults, other than the family. To interact, see new behaviours and, maybe, even face some conflicts. All these will help them grow healthier and learn from life the best way possible.

Our Approach
KIPS respects diversity. We believe each child is a unique being with unique needs, and we strive to be open and sensitive to this ideal. We believe that our method of observation and guidance creates a comfortable learning environment, where the beginnings of school and practical life activities can be encouraged in a peaceful way.
We encourage our students to engage in child-centered activities in order to achieve a high level of learning, self-confidence and self-esteem. We provide our children a secure and rich environment in which they can explore and manipulate the universe, and fulfill their fullest potential.

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