Kidz International Pre-school
Working as a team with you.

Kidz International Pre-school

Kidz International Pre-School


We provide excellent quality education and childcare at a nursery level in Doha, Al Gharafa, since 2012. We aim to keep in contact with our parents and work together to make the best of our education.

Our mission is to be the best parenting advisor to our parents, while providing the best education possible. We have a dynamic schedule of learning, play, and creative activities every day.


We have been chosen as one of the best nurseries in Qatar more than once by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

We accept children from 2 months to 4 years old. 

We are running a British - Canadian Curriculum. We provide French, Arabic and Islamic classes. 


Visit our blog #kidsofkips and check out the posts!

We are writing some useful information about everyday struggles of parenting, trying to find some answers to our common questions...

We try to help you out with the preschool experiment from day one, till the graduation day.


Every week, Thursdays are our Fun day at KIPS! 

We organise our Fun days with the theme of the week. 

We also celebrate birthdays of our little ones in our school. Celebrations are so much fun!

You are all welcome to our events! Please feel free to drop by and participate these fun happenings, bring your positive vibration!


Dynamic Schedules

At KIPS, you will love the dynamic schedules we have for the children. 

Every day, they discover and explore the world through science;

learn about and recognize numbers,

their formation through mathematics; 

explore places they have never been before through reading stories and imaginative plays;

learn phonics, 


shapes, and colors through the facilitation of our professional carers; 

develop creativity through arts and crafts; 

show their talents through singing and dancing at the music class while playing different musical instruments; 

stay fit and healthy as they move their bodies during gymnastics; 

immerse themselves in learning different languages like English, French, and Arabic, and above all, find themselves socializing and making friends.