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Qatar National Day Celebrations

Posted on December 13, 2020 at 4:15 PM

Hello #kipsfamily!

We know that it has been a very hard year, 2020 was tough and we are going through very difficult times. Thanks to Qatar Government, we are safe and sound and our children are having the chance to enjoy their most special years, learning, sharing, creating and having fun! We just like to thank you for all your cooperation and understanding during all these times that we have had the breakdown. 

We will not be accepting any parents inside the building this year and we will not be accepting any food or gifts inside our school due to the new Covid-19 regulations. We are also sad that we will not be able to create this great day's memories in the school with your children, but we will make sure that we take lots and lots of pictures and share them with you online.

We sincerely like to thank you for all your cooperation and understanding once again. 

Have a great Qatar National Day with your child!


The Mixed Up Chameleon

Posted on December 6, 2020 at 9:45 AM

This week's book is Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle. There once was a small green chameleon that wished to be handsome like a flamingo, smart like a fox, and funny like a seal. But with each transformation in size, shape, and color, the chameleon learns that maybe being yourself is best of all!




The Mixed-Up Chameleon is sure to delight little readers with its interactive art, funny antics, and heartwarming message. This board book edition is the perfect size for small hands and features sturdy pages.


This book allows you to create very easy and hands-on activities with your child. You can draw some chameleons and paint them, talk about the colors and put the chameleons near the same color items you can find in your house or your garden.

You can take out the parts of the animals and how they effected chameleon. Deer's horns, turtle's shell, wings of the flamingo, elephant's hose and the clapping hands of the seal and so on...

You can fill a sealed plastic bag with colors and mix them up to create your own colors of your chameleon.

You can watch some real videos of chameleon's catching the fly and talk about the facts of their tongues, how fast and strong is their tongue, and how it catches the fly.


Enjoy your read and activities with your little one and we will see you soon!

#kidzofkips #kipslibrary

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Winter Wonderland Camp, 2020.

Posted on December 6, 2020 at 6:45 AM

Winter Wonderland Camp welcomes all children this December, during the holiday season. Please welcome to invite all your friends and family, from 2 months to 4 years, all children are invited! Reserve your child's seat in this camp, from 20th to 31th, we will be having so much fun and celebrate the beauty of winter!

Buckle Up Today!

Posted on December 6, 2020 at 6:15 AM

You have a pre-schooler, you have a car. Do you have your carseat?

As Kidz International Pre-school, we believe it's our mission to ensure that we share our knowledge with our parents, and make the best of the collaboration. We are planning to focus on this subject in March.


We can not emphasize the importance of a car seat. Car seats are vital for the children. If you do not have one yet, please put this on your to do list, for today. Buying a car seat does not have to be so complicated. Cars seats also have many kinds and brands, and it may become frustrating to choose one. We will guide you through, and make it easier for you to choose the best option for you and your child.

Budget or Luxury Seat?

You can find yourself a budget car seat, what will keep your child safe and cosy. Or you can always go with a luxury brand. You can choose both ways, as they both will keep your child safe during your trips.

In my case, we have two cars. One car is our family car, that one has a luxury one, and the other car has a budget one. My daughter enjoys them both and they both work for us. So I can tell you that it is a matter of budget, and a car seat is always better than your child being unprotected during your trips.

Watch out for appropriate usage for your child's age

The journey of a car seat starts with rear-facing, when your baby is an infant, although it is recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics, most of the parents do not put their children rear facing, because they do not feel comfortable not to see the baby while driving. However, rear facing will be much safer if you consider a crash's pressure on the baby's neck, as long as you keep them on the rear seat.

Please read the seating information carefully and choose your child's seating position that is the most appropriate.

Be consistent and do not give up on crying

You are responsible of your child's safety, and crying will not change this fact. Just be consistent about the carseat and do not compromise in any circumstance. Your child will understand that it is a rule that can't be broken, and crying will stop eventually.

Most of the children will understand how important a carseat is, when they face a strong break. Just let them remember that car seat is safe for them and it is a must.

When it comes to buying a carseat, there is a variety of choices you can pick from. Please go to a shop and buy a car seat for your child, it is never too late.


Where to buy the car seat from?

You can check Lulu, Baby Shop, even Mothercare for budget car seats. There is Just Kidding in the Gate Mall, if you are looking for a luxurious car seat. You will be using it for a long time, and you will be driving your car with a peace of mind, knowing your child will be safe in case of an unexpected break or a crash, which may happen anytime.

The second hand option is only recommended if the car seat has not been in any accident, and is washable.

Please see this car seat guide to have more information on your choice. However, if you feel frustrated with the wide variety, you can simply visit a shop and ask for the car seats that are available and matches your child's age range.

Tips from us 

Choose a model that is positioned a little bit laid down at the back, so your child's head does not drop in front while sleeping. Instead, he will lay his head back and be much more comfortable. 

If there will be any cases that you want to move the car seat from one car to another, buy a seat that does not have isofix, which is attached to the car seat, in the car and not very practical to move from one car to another.

If you are travelling with taxi and you want to make sure your child is safe, you can buy a budget car seat that is attached with only the seat belt.

You can always ask us for more tips at school, we will be happy to help you out. In the meanwhile, we have found this article for you, if you would like to have more detailed information.

Check out Hamad Hospital's website for more information

Check Out Hamad Medical Corporation's Awareness Campaign took place in 2017.



Arabic Readiness Program

Posted on November 19, 2020 at 9:35 AM

Hello #kipsfamily!


We would like to inform you about our Arabic Readiness Program that we have implemented as a second curriculum to our school. We thought it would be great for the children who will take their next step in their educational path, in Independent Schools.


We would like to ensure that their Arabic is excellent and they start their school with 100% confidence.


Also as a second language, Arabic would be perfect. Learning Arabic as a second language, would have many positive effects on your child. Learning a different language will enable your child to think and build up sentences and words in a different way, learn about a new culture and create a new way of thinking.


You can always contact us for more details on our Arabic Readiness Program!