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Healty Eating Habits

Posted on December 14, 2019 at 6:05 AM

To create healthy eating habits, you can start by reminding yourself that your child has started this life with zero knowledge of tastes and ingredients. So it is totally up to you to bring out the healthy food on the course and leave out the unnecessary ones.


Your child does not know how sugar tastes like until he tastes it, so why should we introduce it early? Let him get the sugar from only the tasty fruits, not from the confectionery products.


Make a habit of not buying and eating them, yourself, too, as you will be the role model to your child and he will surely follow your path.


We kindly advise to check the ingredients of the products you buy for cooking or eating before you buy even if they are healthy food. Some cheese, soy milk, butter could contain preservatives and unwanted chemical-based ingredients. When you see ingredients like E303, E209, etc.are additives that are not natural, chemical-based additives. You shall either check them from internet, because they may also be harmless, or simply look for another product that does not contain such ingredients. Make sure you check with the list we have added below for the additive codes that you shall avoid.

Here are some links that explains the additives to avoid in detail. ;

Making a habit of eating cucumbers, carrots, fruits is easy. Even if you have already introduced the yummy cakes, biscuits, chocolates, for children it's always easier to adopt. They are only kids and they will adopt any changes easier than we will. Just be consistent and provide healthy food to your loved ones. They will stop asking for the jellies soon enough and you will be happy, knowing that your child’s teeth will last much longer.


A healthy and balanced diet will bring your life happiness and joy, once it is a habit, it will bring the healthy eating habit for a lifetime.





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