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A Book About Kindness, #Kind #WordKindnessDay

Posted on November 12, 2020 at 9:40 AM

This week, we have selected a book that is so on point, as the World Kindness Day is approaching... Today we are celebrating the World Kindness Day in KIPS, which actually is on 13 November 2020, Saturday. So we have selected the book "Kind" for you, a book that tells our children that a world full of kindness and good manners is possible, and it makes everyone happy.


This book is written by the author Alison Green and illustrated by 38 illustrators from all over the world, in the leadership of Alex Scheffler. It also has a foreword by Alex Scheffler. This book's each page is illustrated by different illustrators, each of them has been introduced with their own pictures in the first pages of the book.


This book has another beautiful meaning, that it's £1 from the sale of each printed copy will go to the Three Peas charity, which gives vital help to refugees from war-torn countries.


You will enjoy reading this book to your loved one, and talk about a world where everyone is kind to each other.



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