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Storytime for little ones...

Posted on December 24, 2019 at 6:10 AM

Reading and storytelling with your child, promotes brain development and imagination, enhances your child's language skills and emotions, and helps you build a stronger bond. Reading times are the most teaching, quality times that parents can spend with their kids.


We recommend that you buy as many books as you can and make reading a part of your life. If your child lets you read, you can also read a book and let your child see how you enjoy reading. Reading a book, looking at the pictures, talking about those pictures and the story. Bed times are perfect for this routine, but you can always offer reading a book for your child. Offer book reading when your child seeks your attention and spend some quality time. You can also spend this time only looking at the pictures and talking about them.


The very first time you read a book, your child may not understand what you say, however you can make it interesting by gestures and making different kinds of sounds. You can sometimes change the wording of the book with synonyms, check the word and create the same sentence with different words. This will enhance your child’s language development as you read the same book over and over again. Books are gates opening to their imagination...


Finding books that your child finds interesting may be tough. In this case, don’t hesitate to go to the store with your child and let him check the books out. You can let your child choose. It is always a good idea to visit a library once in a while, even to get subscribed and borrow some books. This will also be an interesting activity for your child. Qatar National Library is such a good resource to make kids love reading and you can borrow some books for your child for free.


Check out the recommended books by Qatar National Library

See library hours and location


We would like to recommend some books too... Julia Donaldson is one of our favorite writers. Her books are adventurous and have really good quality pictures, by Alex Scheffler.

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