KIPS Summer Camp 2017 KIPS Summer Camp 2017 Our story teller is in his bright mood to share the story with his classmates. 204310105 Our gorgeous swimmers! 204310106 Face painting at the Circus! 204310107 A splash! 204310108 Brightest and biggest smile! 204310109 Face painting in the safari! 204310110 Oooh Wonderland! 204310111 Let's go to Safari! 204310112 Welcome to Wonderland! 204310113 Swimming is so much fun! 204310114 Symphonies of the Five Senses 204310115 Let us get fit and healthy! 204310116 Let us fly through the centuries and go back to histories. 204310117 Those smiles! 204310118 Fun and Fitness! 204363465 Let's cruise! 204363466 Face paint for our cruise ship passengers! 204363467 Our KIPS'cruise ship prepared by our campers and staff! 204363468 I time traveled to the past! 204363469