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Kidz International Pre-school

Kidz International Pre-School

Academic & Event CALENDARS

February 2021

Health is Wealth! Let February pass with all great habits that we can encourage our kids! This month, we have the spectacular National Sports Day! So we have planned all our activities about healthy living, fruits and veggies, fitness and zumba! Join us on this awesome month and let your child become a member of #kipzofkips Club!

February 4th, Fun Day: Shopping for Veggies and Fruits at KIPS Shop.

We will do many experiments with cold weather and enjoy a cold day with our scarfs and hats. We surely will ensure a lot of fun playgrounds for our children to enjoy and make the most of learning! 

February 8th & 9th: National Sports Day and National Holiday!

On National Sports Day we will rock the house with our spectacular sports activities in the garden! We will make the best of all sports and introduce different sports to our little ones! The discipline of a sports person, the importance of hard work and dedication, believing in yourself and making the best of yourself! 

We will celebrate this National Holiday the best way possible and share the photos and videos with you!

February 11th: Obstacle Course FunDay

We are sharing the best practise to teach our kids not to be discouraged in case of some obstacles coming our way! We can do this! We will try again and again and we will NOT give up! The obstacle course, we will win!

We organise our fun days to build a mindfulness session for our kids, they will learn, they will understand and they will have lots of fun!

February 18th: Zumba & Yoga Funday

We will do the best dance moves with Zumba! We can make a little choreography within our groups and show off our dance moves at home, so get prepared!

We will finish up the day with some Yoga moves, which are easy to do yet very fun when it's connected to stories and music! Our children will simply will not be able to stop themselves!

February 25th: Fruit Kebabs!

After the completion of a great sportive month like this, we are happy to celebrate how healthy and fit we are with creating Fruit Kebabs! Let us enjoy every bit of eating these delicious food and prove everyone that salads and fruits are as delicious as the other food!

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