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Kidz International Pre-school

Kidz International Pre-School

Our Classes

Our Classes


Age Group: 2 months to 1 year
Ratio (Child:Adult): 2:1
Teacher: Ms. Josie
Features: Physical education, eye-hand coordination, motor skills.


Age Group: 1 to 2 
Ratio (Child:Adult): 3:1
Teacher: Ms. Marwa
Features: Arabic, French and Islamic classes for 3 days a week.


Age Group: 2 to 3 
Ratio (Child:Adult): 4:1
Teacher: Ms. Maja
Features: Arabic, French and Islamic classes 3 days a week. 


Age Group: 3 to 4 
Ratio (Child:Adult): 5:1
Teacher: Ms. Nada
Features: Arabic, French and Islamic classes 3 days a week. 

We have multiple options for registration

Registration Options
5 Days a Week (Sun-Thu)
Sunday to Thursday
  07:00 am to 3:30 pm
 5 Days a Week (Sun-Thu)
Sunday to Thursday
  07:00 am to 1:00 pm
 3 Days a Week
Your selection of days
  07:00 am to 3:30 pm
 3 Days a Week
Your selection of days
  07:00 am to 1:00 pm
 Early Birds Club
Sunday to Thursday
 From 6:30 am to 7:00 am

KIPS Experience during Covid*19 Outbreak

We are so happy that we will be back and we are doing our homework to make sure that all KIPS children, our teachers, managers and everyone are safe and sound and having a great experience at Kidz International Pre-school.

Ehteraz Application and Temperature Check 

As you may also guess, we will be asking each and every employee for their Ehteraz App before entering the school. It will also be mandatory for the individuals to show their Ehteraz Application when accompanying the children. 

The children will have their temperature checked by the nurse or administration staff before entering the nursery. We are encouraging our parents to check your child's temperature at home every morning.

Written Commitment from Parents

We will be asking you, parents, to sign a written commitment not to bring a child who has mingled with anyone who might have been exposed to Coronavirus, due to Ministry's regulations. We know that you care for your child as much as we do.

Encouraging Physical Distancing

We will be placing fun elements as signs and markers to encourage physical distancing and we will be placing our toys in different areas of the room to encourage children playing in small groups. An KIPS, we will ensure that our children will not even notice that they are in these times of crisis, instead, they will be respecting each other's space and play in small groups without even noticing. We will make sure that they do not feel the stress of the whole ongoing thing, and play peacefully with their friends.

Hand Washing

All employees and teachers will be washing their hands as soon as they arrive at school and put on their aprons which are washed regularly. We will also be encouraging our children for hand washing, and games related to hygiene and washing hands.

Carrying Less Items

We would like to encourage parents to put as less items in the bag of your child as possible. It would be great if the bag you are providing is made from a material that could easily be sanitized. Please do not forget to indicate your child's name on each and every item you provide. All parents should be aware that we will not be accepting any fluffy toys or anything that is not necessary with your child in the nursery, as a precaution for the Covid-19 virus.

Our Cleaning Procedure

We have updated our cleaning procedure to ensure our nursery is deeply cleaned everyday. We have re-trained our personnel and we are maintaining a cleaning policy that ensures sanitizing at all times. Our personnel will be taking care of their own, your children's and our nursery's cleaning at all times. Although we have a dedicated team for the cleaning, all our teachers and assistants are aware of the procedures and trained. They will be putting a frequently washed apron, gloves and masks at all times.

Drop-off and Pick Up

We kindly request our parents to understand our situation and we will ask them to leave their children by the door, as we have also been informed by the Ministry that no parents are allowed to enter the school. Please provide your child  clean pairs of shoes that will be solely used for the nursery times. We will be having a shoe rack placed outside for our children. 

Children will be met by their class teacher, and taken safely to the class. We will be asking you to provide us a sharp timing for your pick up and drop off's, to prevent any crowd that may happen in front of the nursery gate.

We want to make the precautions and procedures as smooth as possible for our employers, parents and most importantly, our children. We hope we will get through these times as easy as can be and we will be together soon in peace and harmony!

All the best,

KIPS Management Team


Our Sickness Policy

At Kidz International Pre-school, we recognize that it is our responsibility to ensure the health and safety of our children, staff and parents, through identifying and discussing health issues in an open and positive way, allowing us to achieve and maintain our high standards. In order to maintain a clean and healthy environment, we ask that you refrain from bringing your child in the nursery if they are sick and/or displaying signs of illness.

Children should not be left in the nursery if they are unwell. Our manager or deputy manager reserves the right not to accept any child who is unwell into the nursery. It is unfair on the child to be here when they need to be with their parent/carers or having one to one attention. It is also unfair to the rest of the children who are here if they are knowingly in contact with an illness or infection.

If a child is unwell, then they will prefer to be at home with their parent(s) rather than at the nursery with their peers. We will follow these procedures to ensure the welfare of all children within the nursery, in order to minimize the risks of illnesses within our pre-school.

Children with following conditions will not be admitted to the nursery

  • A raised temperature, over 37.8 degrees or an infection treated with antibiotics for less than 48 hours. 
  • Certain illnesses which are considered to be actively infectious or contagious, for example hand, food and mouth disease, chicken pox, German measles.
  • Conjunctivitis/eye infection which is untreated, or treated less than 24 hours. Sickness or diarrhea within the last 24 hours.
  • If a child becomes ill during a nursery day, their parents will be contacted and asked to pick their child up as soon as possible.
  • During this time, the child will be taken care of in a quiet, calm area with their key person or the nurse, and familiar assistants that will help the child calm down and feel better. We have a separate nurse room to ensure the child is feeling safe and secure, in a calm environment.

We have two licensed nurses on board at all times. We will ask your opinion on medical provision and we will give you update periodically, both by calling and giving you update on Icare application’s messaging tool. We are doing deep cleaning every day, at all times.

Procedure of Transportation to Hospital

In case of an emergency situation that needs immediate attention, we also have a special procedure for transporting children to hospital. Although we do not face these situations, we always make a plan for emergencies and we have procedures accordingly.

If the sickness is severe, call for an ambulance immediately. The parents must not attempt to transport the sick child in their own vehicle. Whilst waiting for the ambulance, we contact the parent/carer and arrange to meet them at the hospital. A senior member of staff must accompany the child and collect together registration forms, relevant medication sheets, medication and the child’s comforter. A member of the management team must also be informed immediately. Remain calm at all times.

Children who witness an incident may well be affected by it and may need lots of cuddles and reassurance.

KIPS Management Team