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Kidz International Pre-school

Kidz International Pre-School

COVID -19 Updates 

We care for our children. Stay safe!


We would like to dedicate this page to our Covid-19, to anwer the Frequently Asked Questions and to provide information about this matter, that we update in real-time.

Please remember that in Qatar, Nurseries provide their services according to the rules that Ministry of Education has set. So the precautions have been taken by KIPS, as listed below:

Dropping off & Picking Up Children at KIPS

  1. The children will have their temperature checked by the nurse or administration staff before entering the nursery.
  2. We use the UV machine for all bags and the shoes in the entrance, when the children are being dropped off at KIPS.
  3. All accompanies must show their Ehteraz, while they schedule their time of bringing their children to KIPS, they have to use the allocated gate for enterance.
  4. The families, and accompanies can not enter the premises at any case, they will just drop their children and leave. So please get ready to plan your pick up and drop off timings sharply, to avoid any crowds happening in front of the allocated gate.
  5. Each child will be asked to wash their hands on entering the nursery building and frequently throughout the day. The Nursery has purchased E45 cream for the children to use to prevent their hands from becoming dry and cracked.

Cleaning & Sanitising

  • All children will take off their shoes and wear their shoes dedicated for nursery only.
  • We have dedicated 2 of our employees only for cleaning. They have their lists to check the certain places and clean up at all times.
  • We do not use the chemical that could be smelly or be dangerous for babies anywhere in our nursery, we choose to use only natural products while cleaning. We use the chemicals only on weekends for the children to be safe


What to bring to school?

  • Please make sure you bring clean shoes for only nursery.
  • Please try to provide your child's bag from a material that can easily be sanitised. 
  • Please do not bring any items as toys, books from home. Make it as less as possible and easy to clean.

Social Distancing

  • You will be asked to adhere to social distancing measures when dropping your child at Nursery. Please stand 2 metres apart from other families whilst you wait.
  • We understand dropping your child at Nursery will be difficult both for you and your child, we understand you may both be upset. Rest assured we will care for your child as if they are our own, including giving a cuddle when needed. But we do need to adhere to the guidelines for adults socially distancing.
  • You will not be allowed into the Nursery in order to keep your child, other children and staff safe and to minimise infection risk.

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