K i d s   I n t e r Working as a team with you.n a t i o n a l  
 P r e - S c h o o l 

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✔Shallow swimming pool

Face painting
Puppet show
Kitchen fun

✔Arts and Crafts

✔Active Games

✔Fun Days
Science and Discovery
✔Messy but Artsy
✔Jungle Adventure

✔Water Fun and Underwater World

Summer Camp is here! Let your child experience great and exciting weeks of summer at KIPS' Summer Camp! REGISTRATION IS OPEN! 

Come and reserve for your child's spot for July and August!

REGISTRATION IS OPEN for the school year 2019-2020!

  • KIPSQatar! A very well established, clean, safe, and healthy preschool that provides excellent quality education and childcare at a nursery level since 2012.

  • Wonderful and dynamic schedule of learning, play, and creative activities evry day.

  • Chosen as one of the best nurseries in Qatar more than once by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

  • Accepts children from 2 months to four years old.

Come and reserve your place!

Come and join us as we celebrate Ramadan under the KIPS' tent and enjoy our amazing activities!

Register for May and June 2019 at Kidz International Pre-School for 2019 Ramadan Camp!

"Our Actions are our Future." 

This is the theme of the World Food Day 2018.

In celebration of the World Food Day, the children of KIPS are going to plant beans on Thursday Fun Day, 18 October 2018. They will water them, take care of them, see them grow until the harvest time.

"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision."- Dalai Lama


Available places at KIPS!

We still have a few seats available for this  

academic year 2018-2019!

Join us at KIPS!

Visit us for a tour and register!

See you!


Here is a beautiful message/comment from one of our dear parents:

A wonderful message/comment received by Kidz International Pre-School from our dear parents. ❤❤❤👏🏼👏🏼

Thank you very much for your appreciation. ❤👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Kidz International Pre-School will keep going and continue pursuing its best to be always the best preschool in your hearts and in Qatar.

Thank you for always coming to Kidz International Pre-School.


We learn. We socialise. We make friends at Kidz International Pre-School.

Summer Camp in on going at Kidz International Pre-School!

Children are really enjoying their first week! 

Laughter, giggles, face paint, water, arts, 

dance, music, and more! Everything is so 

much fun!

Join us and let your child have a colourful and full of joy summer!

We are so crafty. Aren't we?!

KIPS' theme for May is Solar System. Take a look at our Solar System room prepared by the gifted hands of our staff and students. We are very excited to give all our students a tour inside it and talk about what solar system is and what is it composed of?

Get ready for our exciting and educational tour, KIPS children!

We just love to learn at Kidz International Pre-School!

Have a look at the children's parade (watch the video below) as they marched on the red carpet with their flags during KIPS ' celebration of the International Day.😊👍👌

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say thank you all, especially to all of our children and parents, for making this celebration successful and full of joy. 😊❤👍

Lots of love, 


   Take a peek at KIPS' Mad Hat Day!                                           KIPS's celebration of                                                                                                                         World Book Day!

Thursday Fun Day is pajama day!

The children will decorate their own paper pajamas during arts and crafts, participate in a blanket play, story time, Sleeping Bunnies song and dance, and There Were Ten in the Bed drama.

We are very excited!


It's January and January's theme is about "My Body"!



It's autumn!

Children at KIPS just love the 

crisp  and beautiful weather 


It's a puppet play!

There it was! at KIPS!

We wish you could see how 

amazed the children were

during the puppet play!

They loved it!



Get fit and healthy with the fresh 

orange juice especially prepared by KIPS

children for you!


Welcome to KIPS!

October is about healthy eating at KIPS! 

Children have been learning about the importance of having fruits and vegetables in their diet. 

Everyday, we prepare exciting activities for them to enjoy.

Smiles and laughter are all over KIPS. 

Isn't that wonderful?!


Dear Parents,

We dearly welcome you and your children here at KIPS. This month of September, children have been learning about families and friends. They have started to socialise, have fun, and learn the importance of having their families and friends around.

Keep coming! There are loads of fun to come!



Bon voyage! Let your child’s imagination explore the wonders of the ocean. KIPS Summer Camp is on its 5th week and we will talk about cruise ship. We will let your children’s creative minds see and experience the beautiful world of the ocean. Come and allow your children to cruise with new friends. Cruising can be so much fun!





Let's have a Safari adventure! 


Look at this splash! Isn't it lovely?! 

This is KIPS Water Play! 

Allow your children to feel and enjoy the cool and richness of water while spending quality time with their peers!

Come and join us! Now!


24 July 2016

KIPS is going "Around the World in 80 Days"!

This is the third week of summer camp and children will explore the world, continue meeting and making new friends, learn from one another, and have fun together. Think of the great things your children will learn about the world!

Come and join us at our adventure! Please call 55945215 or 44793156. We are waiting for you!


We are ready for Fun Day! It's Circus Fun Day! Laughter is everywhere at KIPS! The children are amazed and greatly excited!


We dearly welcome you and your children to KIPS Summer Camp 2016. 

Children are really having fun each day! 

They socialise, make friends, and enjoy great activities 

we give them every day.

Come and join us for more summer camp adventures!

Please call 55945215 or 44793156.

See you!


20 June 2016

A huge congratulations to our dear graduates of class 2016.

We are very proud of you!

Aim high!

With love,

Your KIPS Family


Take a look at these two lovely arts and crafts that the children at KIPS made for their mothers! 

Aren't they wonderful?! 

Surely they are!

KIPS greets you a very happy Mother's Day!

Look at this huge Cuddly Dudley book cover that we made at KIPS! Everyone is excited for the World Book Day tomorrow. See you!

Look what happens when we combine the baking soda with the vinegar. And oh, we can add some glitters and food colour, too! Such a fun and wonderful Science experiment we just had today at KIPS! The children were so amazed and had so much fun! Yay!!!