KIPS Staff


KIPS Manager

Hello, my name is Maryam, I hold a BA in Child Studies/Education from Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada with distinction. I have more than 11-years experience in the education field. I was an active member of different voluntary organizations like, “MAHAK Society to support children with cancer (1995-2000), UNICEF Canada (2003 – 2008), BATSHAW youth and family center, Montreal (2008-2011), Cystic Fibrosis Quebec association (2009-2010). I voluntarily biked 2000 Km cross-country in Canada to collect support for socially at-risk children in 2009.

My expertise is curriculum designing for pre-schoolers and my goal is to give children an opportunity to be seen, heard and appreciated. 

KIPS Assistant Manager

Hi. My name is Sofia. I’m Portuguese and a mother of two wonderful boys. I had been lawyer for all my life and moving to Qatar gave me the opportunity to live my great passion: being with children.

Back in Portugal, I created the parents’ association (aka PTA) at my children’s school and developed a project for the center of leisure for children after school time. That project is still running in my sons’ old school and also at the center for kids. As a president of PTA, I was also responsible for the extra- curricular activities throughout the school year for all classes. It was the beginning of an adventure that led me to a new passion and gave me the experience to apply here at KIPS where I started as Dragonflies teacher and now playing the role of assistant manager.

Coming to work every day is a joy and being surrounded by children is beyond wonderful. I am grateful and really happy to belong to KIPS TEAM!

KIPS Deputy to Assistant Manager

Hi my name is Joanne. I am a licensed Secondary school teacher and am experienced in delivering and importing knowledge and proficiency to students foreign and local. I also hold a Diploma in Business Management with Distinction. Working here at KIPS has always been joyful and fulfilling. I had wonderful years of experience as a Lead teacher, also spent time working as KIPS Teachers Representative, and worked as KIPS coordinator before landing this position.  I am excited to continue working with all of you as part of a team and as a partner in nurturing your child for the future.

Lead Teachers (in alphabetical order)

Teacher Jelena

Miss Nada

Hi, my name is Nada and I am the teacher of Crickets Class. I have had an amazing year of experience at KIPS.

I am Lebanese, married and blessed with a beautiful child. I love my students as much as I love my family.

I adore seeing the children smiling and laughing as this is enough to make my day.

Teacher Sara

My name is Sara. I was born and educated in America. I have 8 years of experience teaching children of ages 1-4 years. I the am highly enthusiastic, imaginative, patient, and energetic teacher capable of developing 

Teacher Shereen

Hello, my name is Shereen. I am the teacher for Ladybugs Class. I have been teaching in Qatar for years and I look forward to lovely years here at KIPS.

Teacher Vera

Our Nurses

Miss Josie

Hello everyone! I’m Josie. a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a registered nurse in the Philippines. I’ve undergone Basic Life Support and First Aid Training as well as Healthy Nutrition in Early Childhood and Care course. I’ve been working here at KIPS for almost 5 years, providing quality health care and ensuring the safety of the children Being part of their growth and development is another milestone on my professional growth.


Miss Kithelyn

Hi everyone! I am Miss Kithelyn. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am a licensed nurse, both in Philippines and Qatar. I have a training in Immediate Life Support from Hamad International training Center.

Teacher Assistants (in alphabetical order)

Hi,I am Chona. I am happily married and have 3 children. I've been with KIPS for almost four years. I love children and being a a mother helps me discover a lot of wonderful ways to deal with and help children. I am sure that your children are happy and are learning a lot here at KIPS.

Hi. My name is Kristine. I am married and have two children namely Yasmeen and Yuan. I love working at KIPS as I love to be with the children and help them grow and learn.

Good day, I am Crisencia from Philippines. I am a graduate of BS in Psychology. I started working in 2004 and I am happily married and have one child. I love working with the children.

Hi, my name is Femy and I've been in Doha for 9 years living with my cousins. During free time, we usually go out to play tennis and take my niece and nephews to dance rehearsals. I love being part of KIPS working with children, helping them grow happier.

Hi, I am Mrs. Madelyn, born in the Philippines. I've been here in Doha for a few years now with my husband. I have two children and both of them are girls. I am happy to work here at KIPS as a teacher assistant and am happy to help the children. This is my first job working with children and I am very happy to be part of this preschool.

Hi, I am Mrs. Ma. Fe. I am from Cadiz City, Negros Occ., Philippines. I have two sons named Nathaniel and Gabriel who are both in college. i've been here in Doha for a few years now with my husband who is an engineer here in Qatar. I am happy working here at KIPS as a teacher assistant.

Hi. My name is Marichu from Philippines. I am  married and have three children. I find it happy working at KIPS. I love working with children and singing with them.

Hi, I am Maureen, happily married and have two children. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accounting and worked as an administrative staff in the Philippines.

Hi, I am Mildred from the Philippines and I work here at KIPS as a teacher assistant. I am married and have one child. I am very happy to be part of this preschool. I enjoy being surrounded by the children and am very happy working here.

Hi, I am Procy and I have been with KIPS since February 2015. I am a registered nurse with variuos trainings and experiences. I came to Doha in 2015 and thought that I would continue working as a nurse but I realized that my passion is with the children- to be with them and help them attain their dreams even at their early age.