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Kidz International Pre-school

Kidz International Pre-School

Settling in

At Kidz International Pre-school, we aim to offer a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment where children are able to enjoy learning through play based curriculum to ensure each child with support, obtain confidence and self-esteem to develop to their full potential.

Expect some crying... Your child is leaving behind the only one he loves. Once, he realises that you are coming back every single time and he is having fun with his new friends, he will stop crying and being sad.

Most mothers, when leaving their child for the first time, may have these questions on their minds.

Will the staff be nice to him/her?

Will they make sure him/her eat their meals?

Will they give him a drink?

Will they take him/her to the bathroom?

Will they change his/her diapers?

To feel the above is very natural and that is why we recognize and empathize with parents. You, the parents are very important to us, we strive to ensure we gain as much information from you to help us settle your child into our nursery.

KIPS management regularly monitor and observe a class by sitting in whilst the teacher carries out the class. This is to make sure the curriculum is being delivered to the standard we expect, and all children are in a happy and safe environment.

Parents are welcome anytime to see your child and stay until your child is settled. We also send photos and videos of the children to you to assure you that your child is alright and settled. You are also welcome to speak with our management about any concerns you have about your child, or staff, if you don’t tell us we cannot put it right.

When you leave your child for the very first time, it is heartbreaking to see all the crying and it is really hard to keep up with. Your child will be talking about her teacher sooner than you can imagine, and the friendships will follow. Soon enough, you will see your child talking about how your child loves the school.