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Kidz International Pre-school

Kidz International Pre-School


We provide excellent quality education and childcare at a nursery level in Doha. We are located in Al Gharrafah, Doha, Qatar and were established in 2012. We aim to keep in contact with our parents and work together to make the best of our education.

Our mission is to be the best parenting advisor to our parents, while providing the best education possible. We have a dynamic schedule of learning, play, and creative activities every day.


We have been chosen as one of the best nurseries in Qatar more than once by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

We accept children from 2 months to 4 years old. 

We are running a British - Canadian EYFS Curriculum. We provide Arabic and Islamic classes. 

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We are writing some useful information about everyday struggles of parenting, trying to find some answers to our common questions...

We try to help you out with the preschool experiment from day one, till the graduation day.

Every week, Thursdays are our Fun day at KIPS! 

We organise our Fun days with the theme of the week. 

We also celebrate birthdays of our little ones in our school. Celebrations are so much fun!

You are all welcome to our events! Please feel free to drop by and participate in these fun happenings, bring your positive vibration!

Safety first

At KIPS, safety is considered as the first priority and the first core value. 

KIPS follows all safety requirements stated by Civil Defence in state of Qatar, Canadian Pediatric Society and Canadian Childcare Federation. As a requirement, all safety features go through regular check-ups by Civil Defense, staff and parent committee members and the status is reported to the management for required or immediate action depending on the nature of observed problems. 

Some of the safety features and highlights are:

  • We have all our classrooms and playgrounds on the ground floor with 6 emergency exits which are clearly marked and regularly maintained to be clear of any obstacles. 
  • We are equipped with a certified and centralized fire extinguishing and smoke detection system. Each month, a fire drill is performed to make sure that all staff understand and follow the evacuation procedures.
  • All classes and playgrounds have static-proof, fire-proof and soft vinyl carpets.
  • We follow a strict sickness policy.
  • We are a bullying-free environment. 
  • Outdoor playground is safeguarded with a soft and high quality child-proof vinyl carpet.
  • We are a nut-free environment and all parents are advised about the policy at the time of registration. Foods or birthday cakes brought to school by parents are not accepted if it has traces of nuts.
  • All staff holds medical certificate attested by supreme health court of Qatar.
  • We are equipped with a CCTV security camera system.

For a more comprehensive safety features and checklists, please visit our school and talk with one of the representatives.

Healthy eating habits and well-being

We believe eating well adds enjoyment to life. At KIPS the children eat their meals around the table as we believe having meals regularly together as a family is linked to better nutrient intake and lifestyle habits in children.

We suggest families to view the Canadian Food Guide website in order to gain ideas in promoting healthy eating habits for the whole family.

Being active

To raise healthy little students, KIPS offers an active daily schedule.

We know how important it is for your child to live an active lifestyle. Each class will use our specially designed soft room every day, they will take part in active classes on a daily basis.

Classes include Yoga and Gymnastics. The children have lots of fun and are able to follow the simple instructions given to them by our teachers. We also offer kids dance and creative movement classes that are presented by our professionals.

Child Centered Program

KIPS believes in individuality, each child has his/her own style and we celebrate this individuality with our child-centered activities. These activities provide children with a great opportunity to manipulate and discover their environment.

Our teachers introduce rich, stimulating, and open-ended activities to our students. This allows children to establish their own style depending on their individual needs and paces of learning, children decide how to work through activities and how to finish them.

Our Classes

At KIPS, each class is equipped with age-related toys and activities. The classes have different corners- each one is designed for a particular type of game.

Our children have access to cognitive, discovery, reading and relaxing corners. We look at the environment from our children’s perspectives to make sure everything is accessible to them. 

Kidz International Pre-school Children #kidzofkips

At KIPS, you will love the dynamic schedules we have for the children. 

Every day, they discover and explore the world through science;

learn about and recognize numbers and their formation through mathematics; 

explore places they have never been before through reading stories and imaginative plays;

learn phonics, 


shapes, and colours through the facilitation of our professional carers; 

develop creativity through arts and crafts; 

show their talents through singing and dancing at the music class while playing different musical instruments; 

stay fit and healthy as they move their bodies during gymnastics; 

immerse themselves in learning different languages like English, French, and Arabic, and above all, find themselves socializing and making friends.

Get prepared for different stages of their life. 

Become autonomous. In other words, they develop their capacities to feed and dress themselves, rest and acquire good hygiene and eating habits. 

Develop a sense of the world. They learn the relationship between objects and events, find solutions, and learn differences & similarities.

Express themselves, acquire a greater vocabulary, and progress towards a better understanding of language in all its forms. 

Develop a sense of self. They develop their self-confidence, learn to live with others, respect the rules and resolve conflicts.